How does an air heater work?

  1. The heater unit is supplied with fresh air from outside or a well-ventilated room, which is drawn through an air intake pipe and sent to an internal combustion chamber.
  2. The received air is mixed with fuel, which is delivered by a metering fuel pump to form the air-fuel mixture.
  3. The produced mixture is then ignited by a glow plug, which starts the burning process to heat up the heat exchanger.
  4. Air is drawn from the air inlet with a fan and passed through the heat exchanger radiator fins. Finally, the heated air is pushed through a hot air outlet.

Can I install an Autoterm heater myself?

If the heater is installed by a non-official Autoterm specialist or service point, then the heater’s installation needs to be verified by an Autoterm certified specialist.

Warranty is valid only if a certified Autoterm specialist has installed or inspected the installation of the heating system.

Can I control my Autoterm heater wireless via Android or iOS device?

Wireless control is possible only if the heater is connected to a Simcom modem (modem is not included in heater set).

A modem is used for manual and automatic control of the heater and for sending data/notifications to a phone using SMS messages.

* For SIMCOM modem to work, a SIM card is needed.