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AUTOTERM warranty liabilities

  • The warranty period is two years or 1000 operating hours for air heaters or 500 operating hours for engine preheaters.
  • The installer should be authorized by the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer guarantees that the product shall operate normally, in conformity with the technical specification if it installed and used in accordance with the operating manual.

What is not covered by the warranty

  • Force majeure: lightning strike, fire, flood, voltage fluctuations, accident.
  • Improper operation, storage and transport.
  • Improper installation, repair or maintenance, if they are carried out by individuals or organizations that are not authorized by the manufacturer
  • Failure of the heater due to combustion chamber impurity
  • Disruption of the vehicle’s electrical system, use of the incorrect voltage
  • Use of non-genuine parts or repaired by unauthorized personnel

Please note that the warranty is in relation to the product supplied, not the installation.

If the heater is not purchased from an authorized Australian retail outlet and not installed by an authorized AUTOTERM service center or by an independent installation, for obtaining a warranty, you must contact one of the authorized service centers authorized by AUTOTERM for installation and warranty repair to confirm the installation. In this case, a note is made in the warranty card (a service center will charge a fee for this service). If the Autoterm heater has been purchased from an authorized retail outlet – then there is no requirement to have your installation checked (for a list of all authorized Autoterm retailers please check here).

While warranty is provided to the “original end-user”, it is to be administered and serviced through an authorized Autoterm dealer in accordance with the heaters warranty terms. All Autoterm certified services are listed here.

Normal wear of service parts: (filters, gaskets, glow plug screens and fuses are not covered by warranty)